Advantages and disadvantages of inflatable mattresses

Update:14 Jun 2018

1, inflatable mattress made of PVC material, as the bes […]

1, inflatable mattress made of PVC material, as the best material for inflatable products, strong flexibility, good elasticity, good pressure resistance, can definitely withstand the weight of many people, strong and stable, not easily deformed, can be used longer time.
2. Inflatable mattresses are easy to accommodate and do not occupy a lot of space. When the outside is not in use, the gas inside can be released, and then folded into a pillow size to put up, you can also carry in the travel.
3, compared to the ordinary spring mattresses, inflatable mattresses will not sag, never lose the elasticity, as long as it can make up the right amount of gas, you can depending on their own needs to adjust the degree of hardness and hardness.
4. The air mattress uses air mobility to perfectly fit the human body with the mattress, supporting good performance, balancing the forces of various parts, maintaining the normal circulation of blood, relieving fatigue, relaxing body and mind, and achieving healthy sleep. In addition, the plush mattress is more comfortable to sleep.
However, air mattresses also have disadvantages. The use of such mattresses for a long time may cause discomfort due to lack of air permeability. After a period of use, the mattress will leak due to wear and sharp objects, and it needs to be repaired.
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