Camping buddies, don't forget moistureproof mats when buying tents

Update:29 Jun 2019

Thanks to the cushioning of moistureproof cushion, peop […]

Thanks to the cushioning of moistureproof cushion, people can sleep comfortably on the hard surface. In fact, its thermal insulation and moisture protection are more important in the whole sleep process.
How to choose moisture-proof cushion:
Type: understand three different types of moisture-proof pads external inflatable, self inflating and foam.
Usage: Make sure what kind of activities moistureproof mat is used for - self-driving camping, backpack travel, hiking.
Features: Determine which features are most important to you - weight, size, packaging, comfort, heat insulation, moisture-proof.

Self-driving camping
Self-driving camping is not limited by weight and size. You can choose thicker and bigger moisture-proof pads to ensure the quality of sleep. Self-inflatable cushion and external inflatable cushion are good choices.
For those who like backpack travel, while enjoying good sleep, a light, small-packed moisture-proof mat will make your journey much easier. External inflatable cushion and light self-inflatable cushion are worth considering.
Walking through
Traveling between valleys and wild forests, lightweight damp pads are necessary to improve your traveling efficiency, but durability is also critical. There is no doubt that foam pads are the best choice.

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