How to Buy Double Inflatable Mattress

Update:01 Jun 2018

1, pay attention to the inflatable bed of multiple OEM: […]

1, pay attention to the inflatable bed of multiple OEM: registered trademarks, origin, factory name, site, certificate, date of manufacture, specifications, model, name and so on.
2. Check if the depth of the sutures on the front side of the inflatable bed is obvious.
3, the thickness of the inflatable bed should be uniform, flat, upright is not easy to tip over, and the pen is quite square.
4, try to sleep in person. There is no better way to experiment than lying in bed in person, and you should try to sleep in an inflatable mattress with your usual, preferred, and normal sleeping position. Flip left and right, a good air mattress liner material will not move or uneven. Lying on the inflatable mattress, you can experience the bearing and support of all parts of the body, especially the back and waist; then you can also feel the support and support of the back and waist of your body while lying on your side; The habit of sleeping, after many turns, the mattress brings you comfort and support.
5, the size of the inflatable mattress: when purchasing an air mattress, the personal height plus 20 cm is the best size, so that there is room for the head and hands and feet to stretch.


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