About the principle of self-inflatable cushion

Update:03 Apr 2018

About the principle of self-inflatable cushion: Self-in […]

About the principle of self-inflatable cushion:

Self-inflatable. The principle is to enclose the open air chamber in a waterproof nylon enclosure that automatically expands when used. The key to a self-inflatable cushion is the degree of resilience of the internal filler, which determines whether the user is required to blow through the mouth after compression for a long time to compensate for the softness of the cushion caused by the low resilience of the filling material. .
Advantages: As comfortable as an open air chamber type, the softness can be adjusted, but the insulation is much better; waterproof, moisture-proof; the air chamber air volume can be adjusted.
Disadvantages: expensive; easy to be punctured; bulky, but heavier; emptying internal gas after use is difficult, not easy to pack Related Articles:

About inflatable method of inflatable cushion

With the air valve open, the springback of the interior resembling a sea surface allows the inflatable cushion to absorb air. After closing the valve, air is trapped inside the air cushion. Automatic inflatable cushion makes it easy to use and comfortable. Once the inflatable cushion is full, you can adjust the degree of softness by controlling the amount of air intake.

Does a cold or high altitude environment affect the inflation process?

In fact, colder or higher altitude environments are beneficial. The cushion that absorbs cold air will gradually expand under the influence of body temperature, and the cushion will be more comfortable. Of course, there will be a slight decrease in the degree of expansion at extreme temperatures.

How to store when not in use? The inflatable cushion needs to lay flat and open the valve until it is used. If the valve is closed and stored, it will affect the degree of expansion. Long-term plugging can cause mildew. The

About cleaning of self-inflating cushion

Use soap, water and a soft brush for best results. For stains, use CitraSolv (stain remover). After washing, let it inflate and save after dry.

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