Outdoor activities be popular fire the global outdoor moisture pad market

Update:03 Apr 2018

According to the latest report from Technavio, the annu […]

According to the latest report from Technavio, the annual compound annual growth rate of outdoor adventure mats in 2017-2021 is expected to reach 6%.

Technevio analyst Brijesh Kumar Choubey said, "As health awareness increases, more and more people are beginning to participate in outdoor sports such as camping, rafting, rock climbing, hiking, bird watching, scuba diving, autumn leaves, etc. A trend is very conducive to the development of outdoor damp pad market."
The moisture pad market can be divided into three main product types:
Inflatable Adventure Pad Market
Self-inflating adventure moisture pad market
Foam Adventure Pad Market
Global inflatable adventure moisture pad market

Inflatable cushions are mattresses that require the user to inflate themselves and are thicker than normal cushions, so once they are full of air, they will be more comfortable to use. Most inflatable cushions do not provide thermal insulation and are therefore often used for warmer weather and relatively recreational activities. Inflatable cushion can be compressed into a small volume, easy to carry.

Global self-inflating adventure moisture pad market

Most of the self-inflatable expedition mats have a strong nylon cover that contains a thin, open-cell foam that is air-filled for good insulation. Compared with closed-cell foam cushions, self-inflating outdoor cushions are more expensive but have better insulation, lighter weight and smaller size. Some of the outdoor cushions are downfill or synthetic materials that make the user feel warmer. Self-inflating outdoor mats are generally suitable for backpacking and hiking, kayaking or car camping, and winter camping. Therm-a-Rest proLite, Mountain Equipment Helium 3.8, Alpkit Airo 120, and Vango Trek 3 Short are all self-inflatable cushions.

Global Bubble Adventure Pad Market

Foam pad is a device that people often go out to explore. It is comfortable and not expensive. These mats are made from different types of foam, and they vary in shape, size, thickness, warmth, and durability. Closed-cell foam pads are now the most common style.

Foam-proof mats are suitable for short-distance travel. The Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol, Multimat Superlite 8 and Gossamer Gear ThinLight are foam cushions.

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