The advantages of air mattress

Update:25 May 2018

Air mattress - the advantages of air mattress Inflatabl […]

Air mattress - the advantages of air mattress
Inflatable mattresses generally use pvc plastic as the skin. Many friends worry that it is as fragile as a balloon. In fact, inflatable mattresses are generally able to withstand the pressure of several tons after being inflated. They are soft and flexible, very durable, and not easily damaged. The pad can stand up to anyone's weight. The comfort of the air mattress is also a concern for many people. After inflating, the inflatable mattresses look pitted, but after the bombs are bounced on, the protrusions and depressions will change due to sleeping pressure and will be slightly more than the spring mattresses. One point, if you sleep, there is invisible massage effect, absolutely comfortable and comfortable.
Convenient storage: PVC inflatable principle used in inflatable beds, need to be inflated when in use, can be deflated when not in use, folded up to only the size of a general pillow, easy to receive and carry, is an essential item at home for guests or traveling.
Adjustable elasticity: As we all know, the elasticity of the spring will be reduced after long use, the inflatable bed will not have the feeling of sag like the spring bed, if the air mattress is sunk, you only need to recharge it.
No filler: Compared to traditional mattresses, the inside of the bed will not grow bacteria, but also protect the health of the family.


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